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on fiscal cliff link on the home page right there at nbr. com. that's "nightly business report" for thanksgiving, thursday, november 22nd. good night, susie, and everyone. >> susie: goodnight, tom. thanks for watching, everyone. we wish all of you a happy thanksgiving. and we hope to see you online at and back here tomorrow night. captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by media access group at wgbh
and have to make progress on this fiscal cliff. i think that is important for business right now. the consumer has not focused on this but they will if we don't address it. i am confident we are going to address it in the next few weeks. cheryl: you are director of the new york fed, national retail federation, and macy's, perfect question for you. if there's one thing the administration can do for business in 2013 what would it be? >> there are so many things. it is your point. it is the big stuff. there are a lot of little things we are focused on and trying to increase tourism and make it easier for tourists to get visas particularly in china because we want them to spend their money in our country and that will create more jobs. anything that will focus on creating jobs in america is what we are all about. if we can create more jobs people will have more money and you have more money to spend that will create more jobs and that is what it is down to. if this fiscal cliff subject as to the first we have to make progress on that and have an agreement and once we say here is our
have to avoid the fiscal cliff. it is critical, it is 50. we need also for us as a business to have fiscal clarity so we can make the investment to create jobs and economic prosperity and in order for us to meet our needs what is interesting is we have representative john boehner talking about putting obamacare in the fiscal cliff discussion and they did not come downie their way on that but they are stepping out talking about the urgent need to fix the fiscal cliff. >> these companies have two strikes against the. the fiscal cliff and obamacare and reliant on prescriptions for elderly. liz: it is not generic but cheap drugs, being fixed. again and again i am watching the slow parade of ceos and companies, you see the usual suspects. is striking to see walgreen's and cvs because these guys don't discuss public policy and i don't think it is to butter up the guys in washington. i don't think any a seat at the table. dave: when you said she drug all of our crew looked up. what is going on? i don't know. i just throw that in. see you later. coming up next a look at the important news o
-called fiscal cliff, and they're not holding back. elizabeth macdonald is with the fox business network. okay, liz, so who are these corporations, and what exactly are they saying? >> good to be with you, arthel. it's walmart, cvs and wall greens. walmart or is basically saying, look, customers don't need the uncertainty over tax increases, and let's get to cvs caremark because these two drug store chains are basically making rare public policy statements that we've never seen before from these companies. they're urging washington to avoid the fiscal cliff. cvs caremark is essentially saying, look, our customers are hard working american families, they make decisions on the budget. they've been faced with, basically, persistent high unemployment, fragile economic growth, and they want to know that d.c. is working on their behalf. so and that was also the same sentiment that you heard out of walgreens. walgreens also saying, basically, the health of the u.s. economy, the recovery and american families depends on a consensus agreement in washington, d.c. to avoid the fiscal cliff, and walgreens
and what happens here in the u.s. with the fiscal cliff. there are still a lot of concerns out there despite positive news like the improvement in german business confidence and the signs we see strengthen china as well. >> mr. skeptic, what would make you bullish in this market right now? >> bill, it's fascinating. today we talk about employment trying to turn around and we see people walking out of their jobs at walmart on the biggest day of the year. i want to see a change in total attitude in this country, not just some housing numbers, not just a blip up in employment. we've got a structural problem with our mentality. that's what it would take me to get majorly bullish on the market. >> what specifically are you talking about here? i get the employment thing but what would make this -- what structural change you talking about? i don't get what you're saying here. >> well, again, it is an attitude change. we're having people who are walking out of their jobs on the biggest day of their employer's year. and their attitude is we're not going to work until we get recognized.
so many big ceos worried about the fiscal cliff. has that shown up with consumers? >> i don't think so. not yet anyway. obviously i worry about that. i think business worries about that and i'm very hopeful that our leaders in washington are going to come together and reach across the aisle and work on this subject because this is not a republican or democratic problem. this is an american problem we need to address and respond to one way or the other. i don't know the solutions about how to go about it but i believe we need to address the subject. i don't think that's in the mind of most consumers today. you know our business has been outstanding for the last 11 quarters in sales and earnings and i suspect that our fourth quarter will continue with a positive performance so i don't think it's hit the average consumer. i think it's hit the minds of people in the business world. >> when do you think it would hit the consumer? is it something that if talks continue through december 15th and beyond, does that start to create a problem for you? >> i think if it gets to the point where w
hopefully and maybe gets some work done. >> is it back to business? are we going to expect anything out of them? down here it doesn't seem like we are. i don't want to say that we've lost hope but the fiscal cliff, we don't think it will happen, we really don't. i don't expect anything out of washington. i would look more toward overseas and what they're seeing. things are going to keep falling. >> what matters more to the markets, spain or the fiscal cliff? >> the fiscal cliff is so quiet this week. i'm going to say spain. a bigger linchpin short-term going into next week. >> matt, thank you for stopping by. a special black friday treat for you. sears and kmart president one of the retailer ceos joining us today. opening bell is up next. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and bei
-- guest: that is an interesting diversion of where the employers feel about the pending fiscal clef and how their employees feel. for the heads of a lot of businesses, they're taking into consideration that if we were to go over that particular cliff or hill that some people call it, the impact will not necessarily take effect right away and they will have to reconsider how the budget for the coming year. employees have that feeling and all this other crises we have faced less fear years, somehow the government finds a resolution. there is not as much concern that it will be complete doom and gloom. there is coffins we will find a solution that will not jeopardize people's fragile but still stable sense of financial well-being. jacksonville, to fla. houppelandes to spend less. caller: i'm going to spend less because i am going to be teaching my children that we are not consumers. we are human beings first. most of the stuff is just that -- stuff. it is junk and i don't need any more don't in my house. the current economic system is crooked and corrupt and every aspect of our life be
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)